Now a day’s bath bombs are very popular. But don’t you know bath bombs were invented in 1989. The inventor of bath bomb was very fascinated by the fizzing effect of the Alka


. In order to achieve that fizzy effect of bath bomb she uses a simple combination of sodium bicarbonate or simply what we called baking soda and citric acid. Mostly all bath bombs ingredients are all natural that can

be easily find

in our common households especially in our kitchen area. And for more stunning effects we can also add other ingredients to it.

As for Meghan Cambell said, most bath bombs, you can find ingredients like flower petals, plastic-free glitter, vibrant pigments, and other essential oils.

Bath bombs have many benefits in our body it can be for beauty routine or for body relaxing. Some bath bombs ingredients are very beneficial to health like Epsom salt which can make sore muscle relax or you may add some almond oil which will give your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated, or if you have sensitive skin you can add some natural essential oils like lavender and lemongrass, chamomile or cocoa butter. For more fun, you can also add colorings to your bath bombs as it fizzes colors can give beauty and more exciting.

Here are some recipes you can make at home:

Standard Bath Bombs-This recipe is very simple to do, best for beginners.


3  cups  baking  soda
1  ½  cups  citric  acid
1  ½  cups  cornstarch
3  tablespoons  borax

Melt  together:

1-ounce  mango  butter
1-ounce  cocoa  butter
1.6  ounces  grape  seed  oil


½  ounce  distilled  water
½  ounce  clear  alcohol  or  rubbing  alcohol
2  tablespoons  scent  of  choice

Bath  bomb  approved  colors

Makes  around  20  to  25  normal  size  of  bath  bombs


1.Mix  all  dry  ingredients  (powder)    in  the  stand  mixer,  don’t  forget  to  put  a  towel  on  the  machine  to  keep  powders  from  getting  away  while  mixing,  mix  it  well(low  mode)  then  set  aside.

2.Combine  butter  and  oil  and  liquefy  in  the  microwave  until  totally  the  dissolved  then  set  aside.

3.Then  combine  water,  alcohol,  fragrance  and  color  in  a  bowl.

4.Combine  the  water  mixture  with  oil  mixture  once  the  butter  and  oil  are  cold  enough  to  touch  not  totally  cold,  but  a  little  warm  so  that  the  butter  will  not harden  and  make  it  hard  to  mix.

5.While  the  mixer  is  in  low  mode,   then  put the liquids into the dry mixtures with a steady stream.  Warning  if  you  move  slowly,  the  mixture  might  react  and  fizz.

6.Gradually  increment  the  speed,  by  one  indent  to  blend  well.  Again,  blend  all the  mixture  as  quickly  as  you  can  to  keep  the  fizzing  reaction  that  combining  the  ingredients  can  create.  Once  they  are  mixed  well  together,  then  speed  back  to  low  mode  to  prevent  drying,  and  then  mix  for additional  1  to  2  minutes.

7.Use  a  skewer  to  scrape  the  inside  of  the  bowl  to  combine  the  butter  into  mixture completely.

8.Make  sure  to  test  your  mixture  by  squeezing,  see  to  it  that  it  can  hold  its  shape  and  it  feels  like  wet  sand.

9.Fill the  desired  mold  with  the  mixture.

10.And  then  squeeze  the  mold  with  your  fingers  firmly  to  achieve  that  desired


Therapeutic relaxing bath bombs

This recipe is for sore muscles and for relaxing time.


3  cups  baking  soda
1  cup  citric  acid
½  cup  Epsom  salt
1½  cup  cornstarch

Melt  together:

1.6  ounces  hemp  oil
1-ouncetucuma  butter
1-ounce  kokum  butter


½  ounce  distilled  water
½  ounce  clear  alcohol  or  rubbing  alcohol
¼  ounce  each  of  ylang-ylang sandalwood,  and  orange  essential  oils


1.Combine  powder  and  Epsom  salt  in  a  stand  mixer  in  low  mode.  (Put  a  towel  over  the machine  to  keep  powders  from  getting  away  while  mixing).

2.Combine  oil  and  butter  in  a  medium  heat  double  boiler  or  microwave

until  completely  liquefy.   Set  aside  and  let  it  cool.

3.Then  in  a  bowl  mix  water,  alcohol  and  essential  oils.

4.Once  the  oil  and  butter  have  cooled,  combine  the  water  mixture,  blend it  well.

5.While  the  mixer  is  in  low  mode,  then  put  the  liquids  into  the  dry  mixtures  and  increase  the  speed  slightly(one  notch)  mix  well.

6.Then  set  the  mixer  to  a  low  level,  and  mix  for  addition  1  to  2  mins.

Of course, if you will make your own bath bombs at home you should also consider your bath bomb molds, your bath bomb mold should be sturdy and easy to use. There are different kinds of bath bomb you can choose. Maybe you can choose metal, plastic or silicon bath bomb molds.  As for my experienced, I had been using the plastic molds. You may purchase on Amazon here is the link: Form more bath bomb guide you can also visit my site:

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