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Rassles for Athmar Mohanad escort wrote:
Anyway.... I was going to ask if there is any way your fiance would ever be able to find out about this? see the review
Chitak for Mackarenna escort wrote:
I don't think you can live with this or you wouldn't be posting.... so you have to tell him. see the review
Pandation for Adelecj escort wrote:
No I don't have to believe him because he hid it from me and I just got this feeling so I checked so I asked him and he said that he wasn't cheating on me that there was no one else that he promised me that and so I told him where he hid it from me that we need to have a on this relationship and he needs to be honest he did admit he took one when he went to see me one day at work through my lunch but he said because he ever masturbated. see the review
Moxness for Dorina Valentina escort wrote:
Let me try to recap: your boyfriend has ED and you noticed a viagra pill was missing. He claims he used it while you were at work so he could masturbate? see the review
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